PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOP DIGITAL RESTORATION ARTIST produced large genealogy family project to movie DVD based on 1800s 1900s 2000s Mid West farming, grandma's old photographic picture albums and mother's oral history — 1920 style AD fonts colors professional graphic design project.


GARY G. BALLARD, a well-know professional Photoshop artist, produced a large family genealogy project that included hundreds of 1800s and 1900s professionally restored high-resolution digital scans of his grandmother's personal photographic family album, set to his 76-year old mother's oral video history, produced a priceless family heirloom movie DVD.

NOTE: Charlotte V. Cochran is my grandmother's younger sister. She left the farm to study opera singing at The Juilliard School in New York City in early 1900s.

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Photoshop guru Gary G. Ballard used his grandmother's family photo album antique 1920 vintage photographs to create this authentic 1920s style magazine layout featuring his grandmother's younger sister in a 1922 New York City glamour portrait, her husband in 1924 his WW1 Italian military uniform, and her back on her parents Ohio farm posing for a photo in 1925 with her young nephew and baby nieces beside an old Studebaker automobile.

A fair amount of research was done by the graphic designer, Gary Ballard, to find and layout the AD in Adobe Photoshop using authentic real 1920s fonts and colors that were popular in early 20th century advertising layouts.

Major photo restoration project, historical significance, elder interview video production to DVD movie, genealogy family history project with detailed captions, surnames Ohio Cochran, Buettner, Ballard, Sunderland, Russell, Washburn, Brand, Lima, Elida, Delphos, Van Wert, Indiana, Scott's Crossing, Defiance Trail.

"A Family Album..." movie documentary produced by Gary G. Ballard, San Diego, Hundreds of vintage historical photographs from 1860s through 1900s, digitally restored and edited into a one-hour 2003 video interview, narrated by Mary J. Ballard, storyteller, anecdotes of life growing up on the farm 1900s through 1940s, and her adult life up to 2003, when she gave this interview.

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