Champion pow-wow dancer Ardell Scalplock, Blackfoot-Siksika American Indian.

I photographed this awesome powwow art image of Ardell Scalplock during a large San Diego powwow in 1999 and applied serveral painterly type Photoshop® effects to achieve this oil painting look on canvas texture. The image was originally photographed on VPS 160 color negative film and I later scanned the negative high resolution into Photoshop in my 16-bit Adobe RGB work flow.

Blackfoot-Siksika North American Indian

Ardell is a famous Native American professional pow-wow dancer of Native North American Blackfoot-Siksika tribes of the USA.

I have been reluctant to post some of my best powwow pictures on the Web — like this awesome Ardell Scalplock photo in full tribal powwow regalia — because of trolling so-called "artists" who seem to like copying my trick compositions and putting their names on it, but such is the price for putting one's best work out there for people to enjoy; I guess....

Photo and digital artistic effects by G. Ballard, San Diego

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