Routine Maintenance OS 9x
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  • Then ShutDown completely.

2) Rebuild Desktop:

  • From a complete ShutDown: Restart and immediately hold down Command+Option keys (until you get the "Rebuilding DeskTop" splash screen).

3) Zap Pram:

  • Insert 9x OS Install CD (into Mac) — ShutDown, power off.
  • Reboot, immediately press and hold down Option+Command+P+R keys until you hear at least three start–up bongs (then let up on these keys),
  • Then — immediately — hold down the C key until the Happy Mac icon appears (this forces Mac to boot from the CD).

4) Run Disk FirstAid on all hard drives and volumes.

5) Update hard disk drivers:

  • Open CD's Utility folder>
  • Drive SetUp>
  • Click once on the first target HD (to highlight it)>
  • Functions (drop menu)> Update Driver.

If you need to TestDisk (for Bad Blocks), TestDisk is in Drive Setup> Function's drop menu.

Note: Repeat step 4 on all HDs.
If you Initialized with a third–party utility — FWB, Silverlining, ect. — you need to get their latest updater and run it here.

6) Reselect boot hard drive:

  • Go to Apple Menu> Control Panels> StartUp Disk> reselect (highlight) your boot hard drive — ShutDown, Restart.

7) Run all Mac OS Updaters:

  • Control Panels> RUN Software Update – Run all OS Updaters.

8) Update all 3rd–party applications, drivers, firmwares:

  • SEARCH all third-party Applications/Drivers/Hardwares by name — run all updaters:

9) BACKUP all data, then Optimize/Defragment – Norton Utilities SpeedDisk is what I use.

Norton CDs are very particular what Macs they will boot and what OS they will safely work with — See Beware: DiskUtilities.


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