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Ann Shelbourne wrote - 07:32pm Jan 17, 2003 Pacific (#8 of 12)
Dug from (Ann's) Pack-rat's heap :

ERROR 1010 - Photoshop 6.01

Rob G. - 05:16am Feb 11, 2002 Pacific
I installed Photoshop 6.01 on a Macintosh G4 - OS9.1, and am getting an application error 1010, and it won't let me open the program. Can anyone help?! (I tried re-installing, and it did the same thing).

g ballard - 08:49am Feb 11, 2002 Pacific (#4 of 23)
Chris Cox - 12:19pm Jan 31, 2002 Pacific (#4 of 4)
1010 means a necessary shared library could not be found.
Usually that error comes from old TWAIN drivers, or plugins that got copied without support files.

Charles Fahey - 10:11am Feb 11, 2002 Pacific (#6 of 23)
Thanks G Ballard (and Chris Cox). That was the problem. I disabled the TWAIN Source Manager extension and now PhotoShop is running smoothly. The TWAIN Source Manager version I have is 1.7, and it has a modified date of September 2001, so I'm surprised it is out of date. I'll have to look around for an update.

Chris Cox - 04:21pm Feb 11, 2002 Pacific (#14 of 23)
The data source manager is not the cause --
one of your TWAIN drivers is the cause of the error. The Data Source Manager just communicates with the drivers.

Ann Shelbourne - 10:03am Feb 12, 2002 Pacific (#18 of 23)

Funnily enough I got a 1010 yesterday but I can't be sure which, of several things, fixed it. I got it when using MacOS 9.2.2 Base to start-up after getting a freeze. [The problem emanated from removing 600+ fonts from ATM DLX and replacing them with 600+ identically named but newer ones.]

After I had trashed my ATM prefs. and all instances of AdobeFnt.lst; Re-installed Explorer and killed all those TT fonts in System>Fonts; run DiskWarrior and replaced the Directory; and returned to my normal Extensions Manager Set (which omits Apple Audio Extension; Firewire Authoring Support; Toast Firewire Support and Toast USB Support) everything returned to normal and I haven't seen 1010 since.

So maybe there are other causes for 1010s apart from TWAIN troubles.

Rob G. - 12:45pm Feb 12, 2002 Pacific (#22 of 23)
YAY!! I did a search for Twain, and came across a few things. I trashed the ones from Photoshop 5, and some others that were in a Twain folder for various scanners that we don't even use. After worked!!!!


If all else fails, try the Adobe Support Knowledgebase 1010 Error Document


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