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I KEEP AN EMPTY hard drive (or volume partition) to help me to quickly test an application and driver on an OS–SUSPECT level.


  1. Erase the target volume, partition or hard drive.
  2. Temporarily install the Operating System (OS), run SoftWare Update.
  3. Add on the SUSPECT application, run its updater(s).
  4. And TEST on an OS–SUSPECT level.

This method effectively rules out the install and its other third–party issues.

It is most useful in quickly answering the question:

  1. "Does it Work (with the current hardware)?" or
  2. "Is the working boot volume corrupted (or flaky with a third–party conflict)?"

Remember, "Empty = Versatile" — keep a volume, partition or hard drive EMPTY for Versatility.

My Photoshop ScratchDisk works perfectly for this.

ALSO please see my OS-X Basic Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide.


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