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My basic client Photoshop configuration CS3 CS2 CS1 PS10 9 8 7:

Max out RAM.
Two monitors recommended.
Minimum: Two hard drives, partitioned into four volumes.

Hard Drive One:

Hard Drive Two:

Note: Moving documents, photos, music, ect. out of their Apple Default locations is a custom workflow for advanced users only.

Keeping all our data on #4 has these benefits:

  1. The boot volume runs only the OS and applications.
    This makes BACKUP and Restore the boot volume much "cleaner" and smaller.
  2. It keeps our data on a seperate hard drive, in case of failure, the boot drive is usually the first to go, and mirroring the data on another hard drive is good insurance.

Further, giving Photoshop a dedicated EMPTY ScratchDisk — on a second hard drive — takes substantial load off the boot hard drive and makes the Mac faster, more efficient. This empty volume is versatile for TroubleShooting.



Hard Drive Three:
I recommend an external FireWire hard drive.

This removable HardDisk can be taken off site and used to maintain, troubleshoot and BackUp several Macs....


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