PhotoShop Won't Launch Open (Mac System 9)
Troubleshoot Purge Uninstall Reinstall (System 10)
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Speculating that the problem is corruption in your install — either Photoshop itself, or outside of Photoshop — under System 9, after backing up the data and performing the routine Mac maintenance, I would first rule out a simple extension conflict:

  • Boot with Mac Base extensions — If problem clears here: Extension conflict.
    We need to find the culprit extension....

Problem no clear with Base Extensions:

  • If Photoshop has a conflict with Mac Base Extensions: Sour install.
    We need to find the corruption (see Next).
  • Boot with All Extensions Off — If problem does not clear here: Sour install.
    We need to find the corruption (see Next).


Problem no clear:

I would then rule out everything outside of Photoshop by:

  • Boot off the OS 9x Install CD.
  • Run Apple's Disk Utility from the CD OS9.
  • Launch Photoshop (from the hard drive).
  • Assign ScratchDisk to the hard drive.

If it launches here, booted off the CD, the problem is on the install somewhere outside of Photoshop — the hardware is not the problem (or it would have failed to launch here, too).


Some people will "Clean Install" the OS at this point to try to clean out the corruption (though I don't recommend Clean Install because chasing corruption is too dang time consuming) — but you may get lucky.

  • Clean Install is a feature of the 9x OS Installer CD — it only cleans out parts of the OS.
  • That still leaves half the install SUSPECT....
  • Only an Initialize StartFromScratch can 100 percent rule out an install.

For help with the Mac Operating System (OS).

For more in–depth troubleshooting Photoshop: Troubleshoot Purge Uninstall Reinstall (System 10).


[Me] I would have Erased and Restored my boot volume at the point where problem didn't clear with Mac Base Extensions.


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