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No one person can be great in all facets of web design. A code geek may hand code us a great flashy site, but s/he won't be a great graphic artist or editor, and vice versa. Unless we can afford a company of experts, sometimes the best we can do is define our priorities and pick a well-rounded professional to go to work on them.

Domain research & buy:

  • Buy the site name.
  • This is actually quite easy (the site name can cost less than $60 US per year).

Domain hosting:

  • Contract with a host company for server space and support.
  • At this point a working "Construction" page & e–mail accounts can be created quite easily.

Outline the site structure:

  • Home (Index) page, with some type of navigational interface graphic.
  • Identify Key Words, Search Phrases.
  • Diagram each page and plan out the key pages.

Compile & build:

  • Graphics Pile.
  • Photo Pile.
  • Text pile.
  • Fact pile.
Then the team gets to work designing, creating....

My cog in the process starts in the planning stages with my general working knowledge. I can get you a domain, a host server, an "Under Construction" page and working e–mail accounts up in a few hours for nominal fees. I am also able to art direct and manage the project.

My strengths are organization, production & advertising savvy, superb graphics & writing, intuitive interface, and editing. My peeve with web design is the "too creative" (too confusing) interface. A great design in my book is simple, intuitive — and — informative, entertaining.
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