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Production–Grade Scans:
High–Resolution Curiosity — Cropped production scan.
The compressed .tif file opens at 42MB, 24 inches tall:
Blacks.tif is intended to provide interested parties a first–hand look into the unique quality of this amazing film capture and subsequent scan.
Seeing is believing....
DOWNLOAD BlacksMAC.sit (11MB)
DOWNLOAD BlacksPC.zip (17MB)
Current Production–Grade Quality — 6x9 inches production scan.
The compressed .jpeg file opens at 13MB, nine inches tall and includes a 600k .psd version of the original 200MB master file — all 50 layers!
This is another very interesting file....
DOWNLOAD ScanPromoPwow.zip (5MB)

The beauty of these files can best be viewed in Adobe Photoshop® at 100% Actual Pixels:

PS> View> Actual Pixels • Tab (key) • F (key) • H (key) • click and drag image around

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