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COMMERCIAL DIGITAL PHOTO PRINTING SERVICES, Large Format Inkjet, Archival Fine Art Printing, Complete Photo Scanning, Photo Digital Restoration, Digital Retouching, Graphic Design, Digital Printing to Inkjet or CMYK Prepress Press, Color Management Priority Workflows for Picky Clients, San Diego, California

Today's "archival" ink-jet prints are expected to hold their color over 50 years, with proper care, but with the longevity comes new issues like metamerism and smaller color gamuts.

Epson 7880, Archival Ink:

  • 8–color ink.
  • 100 years plus print life (will out last most traditional color photo prints).
  • 24-inches wide by banner length.
  • Premium digital art papers.

Fine–Art wall prints for framing, canvas mounting. Suitable for commercial display, heat mount on Gator Board & laminate, professional framing.

Traditional Photographic Prints:

  • Commercial, Candid and Proof Grades.
  • Can be printed directly from digital files.
  • All sizes.

For clients who want traditional photo prints.
Generally for proofing event photography that was shot on film. Or large wall portraits.

All work performed by G. BALLARD:

"Monitor Matches Print" GURU, color–management author, self–confessed color neurotic. For SCANNING, COLOR CORRECTING, RETOUCHING, FINISHING: See Boutique services.

ARCHIVAL: Industry term to determine how long the print will hold its color without noticeable fading.
COLOR GAMUT: Inks can display certain amounts colors. Smaller gamut inks translates to fewer colors being reproduced.
METAMERISM: Color look good in tungsten (home) lighting, shifts dingy green in day lighting, or it looks good in day lighting, shifts magenta in tungsten lighting. Newer inkjet technology has reduced metamerism significantly.
PROPER CARE: Mounted & framed with acid–free materials, behind ultraviolet glass, displayed out of strong sunlight or harsh fluorescent lighting in cool, dry, low humidity area.
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