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I am especially skilled in negative scanning services, scanning negative film and color balancing digital photography for prepress CMYK, large-format printing and the internet; in addition to positive and transparency films, and reflective artwork, like old genealogy historical family photographs for restoration.

Unlike prepress scanning technicians who scan to "match an original" or local office supply stores like Kinkos, I use my vast photographic, printing, color balancing commercial production experience to scan and bring out the beauty in the photograph through digital repair and restoration. My artistic talents, experience and high production standards are what separate my scanning services from those of a "technician."

Production–Grade Quality Scans:
  • I scan to top commercial standards.
  • No effort is spared to correct the black, mid neutrals, whites and full color spectrum into optimum color balance.
  • General retouching included to clean up image.
  • DOWNLOAD example production-grade scan.
General Purpose Quality Scans:
  • I scan to top retail standards.
  • Primarily for general use and large scanning projects where production-grade commercial standards are not required.
Scanner Hardware:

Nikon Super CoolScan 8000 ED:

  • 4,000 pixels per inch optical resolution
  • Rotating glass carrier
  • Film to 6x9 centimeters (positive or negative)
  • Drum quality, DOWNLOAD example scans

Epson Perfection 4990 Photo:

  • 4,000 pixels per inch optical resolution
  • Silverfast AI 6.5 professional software
  • Film to 8x10 inches (positive or negative)
  • Reflective (paper) to 16x20

I typically scan in 16–Bit Adobe RGB (1998), color balance and archive the color in my 16–bit, Adjustment–Layer workflow. From there, I flatten, Convert to 8–bit color, and go to work on my Master file, again in an Adjustment–Layer, high–gamut .psd file format. The point of this WorkFlow is to CAPTURE as much color information as possible and PRESERVE that color information throught the editing process.

Professional Portfolio

SEE the results of this professional digital workflow in this large beautiful pow-wow picture gallery online.

Re Purpose Master File:
With the Adjustment–Layer, high–resolution, high–gamut Adobe RGB Master file in the archive, I re purpose (Convert) the Master file to the target CMYK or RGB colorspace, document dimensions and resolution. Again, always going back to the Master file to re purpose (target) the file for specific usage because it assures us the file contains the fullest spectrum the widest color gamut of color information possible....
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